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Professional Water Extraction Service in Pompano Beach, Florida

If your home or business has suffered water damage due to a flood, storm, leaky pipe, or sewage backup, our water extraction phase is a key component of the overall water damage restoration process. Our team at Water Damage 954 is well-equipped during all phases of the water damage mitigation process, including water extraction. Acting quickly after water damage occurs will ensure that the overall damage is minimized or contained, and that larger issues that can cause health problems, like mold damage, are quickly addressed. Learn about water extraction and our water extraction process below.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Extraction Services

Why Use a Professional Water Extraction Service?

You may think that you can do the job yourself and save yourself money, but this is not always the case. A professional water extraction service has training and experience that make it easier for them to extract water from hard-to-reach places on your property. Water Damage 954 will ensure that all water is removed from the home to ensure a quick-drying process and avoid the spread of mold.

Our Water Extraction Process

Our water extraction team will generally start with a visual inspection of your property and the water damage that has occurred. Our team will look for water damage, such as discoloration, mold, or mildew. They may remove debris and other items that could fall into the work area. From there, we use professional tools to remove the moisture in your home or business. These include mechanical air movers, dehumidifiers, and blowers. In some cases, we may use special equipment to pull water from hard-to-reach places. The entire process and the entire property are inspected to ensure that no water comes in contact with your home or business during the extraction process. All pipes, valves, and fittings are investigated for leaks during this inspection. Maintenance also will be needed to eliminate these leaks. Afterward, your supply lines will get tested to ensure no leaks after the extraction process has been completed.

Water Extraction vs. Water Mitigation

There is a lot of confusion between water extraction vs water mitigation. Although both of these processes remove water from your property, the end result is quite different. Water extraction can be used to remove excess moisture from your walls, floors, and cabinets, while mitigation is used to lift water from your swimming pool or basement.

Additional Services by Water Damage 954 Include:

1. Water Damage Restoration
Water damage restoration is the process of removal of moisture along with the restoration of the building structure. The material and equipment needed in this process should be able to absorb the wetness and its vapor from affected areas such as the floor, ceiling, and any other enclosed space. The use of commercial dehumidifiers usually assists during this process.

2. Mold Damage Removal and Remediation
There are chances that water damage can cause mold to grow inside or outside the property. Removing mold involves the use of steam cleaning or even manually removing solid mold growth.

After the affected surface is cleaned, disinfectants and antimicrobials are applied to stop further development and spread of mildew. There are various products for water damage restoration that can seal and protect against the growth of molds over time.

3. Moisture Mapping
Moisture mapping is the process of identifying where and what kind of water damage took place. It involves using moisture meters, infrared devices, and other technical tools. The mapping is then done before any water restoration work to determine how much damage was done and how it can get fixed.

4. Dehumidification
The purpose of dehumidification is to remove excess water from the air, which may result in damage or deterioration of contents and building structure. Water vapor can be removed manually or automatically using commercial dehumidifiers.

These devices can either be portable or mounted in the space to be dehumidified. Water damage restoration companies can also maintain temperature and humidity below the moisture saturation point. In cases where water is leaking, pooling or flooding has occurred, they do not only remove excess water but also clean up whatever mess has been left behind.

If you have had the terrible luck of experiencing water damage in your home or business, contact Water Damage 954 today to schedule our water restoration team immediately.


Water Damage Restoration Services

Document Drying

When you have water damage or mold problem in your home, it is crucial to call a trained and professional restoration contractor.

Water Damage Restoration

Broken pipes, frozen pipes, burst pipes, or cracked and leaking pipes are reasons for water damage.

Moisture Mapping

We use state-of-the-art equipment to measure the moisture content of building materials and identify areas at risk for future water damage.


Dehumidification services involves removing moisture from the air. The moisture is removed through condensation.

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Fast Service

Water Damage 954 provides emergency restoration and cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can expect an immediate response time from one of our specialists, day or night.

Restoration Experts

Water Damage 954 Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and up to date with the latest industry standards. We have the expertise and knowledge to restore your property quickly and efficiently.

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Water Damage 954 has advanced techniques and technologies that allows our professionals to restore your property back to pre-loss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively.